Publications by Our Experts
The Colombo Law Alliance is a law chamber established in the year 2012 that brings together extensive experience and expertise in providing specialized legal services to their substantial network of clients.
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Publications by Our Experts

Arbitration and ADR

  • Perera H, ‘Duty of Arbitrators To Give Reasons; Failure And Its Consequences Under The Arbitration Act’ (2020) X Junior Bar Law Journal 2019.
  • Gunawansa A, and Surasena D, ‘Applicable Rules of Evidence in Arbitration’ (, 2019).
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Construction Law

  • Gunawansa, A. et al. (2021) ‘Sri Lanka’, in The International Compendium of Construction Contracts: A country by Chapter Review. Australia, Australia: De Gruyter, pp. 1098–1136.
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Environmental Law

Investment Law

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Legal Aspects of Infrastructure Development

  • Dr. Asanga Gunawansa and Lovleen Bhullar, Water Governance: An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures, Edward Elgar Publishing House, UK.
  • Dr. Asanga Gunawansa, The Need for an Infrastructure Development Fund for Post-Conflict Sri Lanka, Chamber of Construction Industry, Sri Lanka.
  • Dr. Asanga Gunawansa, Legal Implications in the use of Project Financing Initiatives in Developing Countries, Attorney General’s Law Review, July 2000.

Public-Private Partnerships

  • Dr. Asanga Gunawansa, Public – Private Partnerships in Urban Water Supply Sector: A Study of the Regional Trends, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Research Paper No. LKYSPP 12-04 IWP.
  • Dr. Asanga Gunawansa, Public-Private Partnerships for Major Infrastructure Projects in Developing Countries, in Contemporary Issues in Construction in Developing Countries, Ofori, G. ed., Rutledge.
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Trade, Banking and International Law

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  • Dr. Asanga Gunawansa, The Law Relating to Export Bills, Bar Association of Sri Lanka Law Journal, April 2001.
  • M Sornarajah, The Law of International Joint Ventures (Longman, 1994);

Other Publications

  • Gunawansa A, and Hussain N, ‘Legal Policy Challenges to Establishing an International Financial Centre in Sri Lanka’ (2018) 24 Bar Association Law Journal
  • Gunawansa A, and Nelson D, ‘Understanding The Legality and Scope of “Without Prejudice” Letters’ (2015) 15 Chamber of Construction Journal